Web Gems (25)

Well, I blinked and it’s now summer and I am buying brightly colored boat shoes and sandals! I’ve been enjoying the last few days of weather before it gets too hot to breathe outside here in Texas. My lovely friends Riley and Jimmy invited me to see The Avett Brothers with them last Friday, on Saturday my favorite Asian roommate got married (!), and on Sunday I temporarily moved into my older sister’s guest bedroom for a week of rural shenanigans (read that: going to bed early, cooking filet mignon with steak fries, and waking up with the sun). Here are some things that have stuck out to me this week!
  • I love a good font, especially when I can pay what I want for it ($100 or even $0). Download away!
  • Wouldn’t you love to take a dip in this pool?
  • These rooms are so cool. Acid Wasp might be my favorite style right now/forever. Oh, and I’d totally live here, too.
  • I ran into my hip 99%-vegan friend Elisha at the wedding last weekend and it reminded me of a video she made for a contest. It’s a recipe that actually looks really, really good. I definitely want to try the non-vegan version of it (lol). For her to win the contest, she has to have the most views–so resist from watching the other ones, as much as you want to and please give hers a look!
  • Neuroscience article of the week: Ads Implant False Memories.
  • Very useful chart. Who knew that foxes have really short lives?!
  • I might be able to deal with the unpleasant smell of crayons for these.
  • Cracking up that planking is even a trend.

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7 thoughts on “Web Gems (25)

  1. If you ad a few years to the false memory theory it might explain why grandma stories are sometimes the most interesting!

    • Yay you are going and you have about 4 weeks to prepare!! You go girl and we can’t wait to watch. Can’t wait to see her room, hear her name, watch you trvael, see the first pictures of the family of 4 and to hopefully meet your girls sometime this fall:)So happy for you and the best is yet to come!!!!hugs from us((((()))))

  2. I don’t understand Planking lol. but I WANT that pool! and I want to make that animal chart into wall art.

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